EISA 2015-2016, Home Theatre Display : téléviseurs

18 août 2015

Cinq TV sont primés dans cette catégorie disputée, chacun d’eux avec une spécificité prédominante

Le choix des journalistes européens s’est donc porté cette année sur des appareils de grandes diagonales d’écran, toutes égales à 65 pouces, soit 165 cm, à l’exception du Philips 55PUS7600, seulement 55" (140 cm), élu dans la catégorie Best Buy — que l’on peut trouver dans les magasins pour moins de 2 000 euros —. Bien évidemment tous ces téléviseurs sont Ultra-HD 4K !
Pour rappel, les chiffres communiqués par GFK lors de la conférence de presse qui s’est tenue en avril 2015 font apparaitre pour une prévision de 247 millions de téléviseurs vendus (à l’échelle mondiale et pour l’année 2015) une progression rapide de la part atteignant 20% pour les écrans de plus de 50", 41% pour les SmartTV et 11% pour les téléviseurs possédant une définition 4K. Enfin, presque quatre millions de téléviseurs incurvés devraient trouver acquéreurs, ainsi que 400 000 modèles utilisant la technologie OLED.

Les commentaires accompagnant le choix des TV primés sont en anglais, respectant ainsi les propos de l’EISA, ceux-ci étant indisponibles en français.

TV Home Theater : LG 65EG960V — voir la vidéo de présentation au CES 2015

LG 65EG960V

Home theatre means getting the visual and emotional impact of a movie theatre in the comfort of your own home – and LG’s 65EG960V OLED TV has the talents to reach this goal. Its large 65in curved screen offers an immersive visual experience, with excellent colour reproduction from wide viewing angles and low reflections when used in a bright environment. And in a darkened cinema environment the TV’s WRGB OLED technology really impresses, guaranteeing premium picture quality in terms of contrast, with deep blacks alongside full bright elements. Meanwhile, the 65EG960V’s UHD resolution provides excellent clarity, both with HD sources thanks to LG’s upscaling technology, and when used in combination with native UHD material. Ultra-thin styling and the superb webOS 2.0 Smart TV system complete the package.

Smart TV : LG 65UF950V

LG 65UF950V

Smart TV continues to evolve in the shape of the 65UF950V, an edge-lit Ultra HD TV carrying the second-generation of LG’s webOS. For 2015, the usability and speed of this eye-catching, colorful interface has been improved, and with all sources (from external players to online streaming services) treated equally, finding content is easy – webOS 2.0 offers a connected TV experience that favours usability rather than complexity. The 65UF950V also showcases other talents, including wide-ranging media playback (including 4K HEVC content), mirroring of Smart devices, intuitive motion control and PVR functionality. As a Smart TV package, it’s worthy of the highest praise.

TV Best Buy : Philips 55PUS7600 — Philips 2015 téléviseurs UHD-4K

Philips 55PUS7600

Combining excellent picture quality, a pleasing sound performance and a modern Smart TV OS in an attractive package is quite a feat, especially if the price has to be right. And yet that is exactly what Philips has achieved with the 55PUS7600. This 55in television features efficient Pixel Precise UHD upscaling, excellent motion sharpness thanks to Perfect Natural Motion and HDMI 2.0 connections for your future UHD content. Three-sided Ambilight improves the viewing experience with its content-matched illumination, and Philips’ Double Ring driver technology yields impressive bass performance from the screen’s slender frame. Android TV, running on a Quad Core processor, opens up a world of entertainment. A well-engineered all-rounder.

TV High End : Samsung UE65JS9500 — voir la vidéo de présentation au CES 2015

Samsung UE65JS9500

With its maximum peak luminance approaching 1,000 nits and support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, Samsung’s 2015 flagship sets a new standard in TV technology, delivering images with revolutionary brightness. This headline feature is joined by excellent overall picture quality, scaling of any video source to its 10-bit panel’s UHD resolution, and support for the latest high-end video standards including UHD video with HEVC encoding. Furthermore, the Tizen Smart TV system gives slick control over a huge choice of streaming and apps, and as a true high-end device the UE65JS9500 is equipped with twin TV tuners, a built-in camera, gesture control and Samsung’s external One Connect box to future-proof against evolving technology.

DesignTV : Sony KD-65X9005C — voir l’article de présentation

Sony KD-65X9005C

It’s not often that a TV makes you think ‘Wow’ before it’s even switched on, but Sony’s 65X9005C accomplishes this by virtue of its astonishing styling. This 65in screen brings ultra-slim appeal to your living room, being only 4.9mm at its thinnest part. It comes with an innovative mounting solution that sites the screen flush against a wall thanks to Sony’s vertical airflow system, while those installing the 65X9005C on a TV stand can choose from wide or narrow positions for the sleek chrome feet. Design isn’t this set’s only strong point, however – the 4K Ultra HD screen together with the Sony unique Triluminos Display technology delivers colour‐rich, sharp images that are equally impressive, while Android TV collects all the set’s features in to one sophisticated homescreen.

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