Hitachi : Nouvelle gamme d'écrans plasma disponible aux USA

8 juin 2005

Après le lancement en France d'une nouvelle gamme d'écrans plasmas Picture Master, la société Hitachi lance en ce moment même aux USA, une nouvelle gamme d'écrans plasma High End référencés UltraVision.

Alors que chez nous le marché de l'écrans plasma ne se cantonne qu'à deux versions de dalles 42 et 50 pouces, nos voisins américain auront le droit à une offre produit déclinée en trois niveaux de performances : HDX62, HDT52, et Ultra HDS52

Dans les grandes lignes, ce qui différencie ces trois versions réside notamment dans les différentes possibilité de réglage et de configuration que confère ces écrans, ainsi qu'une connectique plus ou plus complète sur certaines de ces machines.

Toutefois, sachez que par rapport à nos produits, peu de changements s'opèrent, ces plasmas sont notamment dotés de dalles Alis d'une résolution de 1024x1024 pixels, ils disposent de 68 millions de couleurs (12 bits) et intègrent des entrées HDMI...

Plus d'infos dans le communiqué de presse qui suit.

Communiqué de presse
UltraVision HDS52 Plasma HDTV Series

The 42-inch 42HDS52 and 55-inch 55HDS52 models include exclusive features and plasma technologies to produce a cinema-like home viewing experience:

New Ultra-Slim form factor with narrow side speakers and all black finish. New "All-in-One" design with comprehensive feature package and connectivity. Power Swivel by remote is standard for the 42-inch model and optional for the 55-inch model. New VirtualHD 1080p II with 12-bit/68-billion color capability and dynamic histogram processing to improve contrast, color, sharpness and gamma by processing each video frame as a digital still image. Every frame is analyzed and optimized in real time for a sharp, smooth and seamless image. The Alternate Lighting of Surfaces (ALiS) panel technology minimizes the barriers between pixels to deliver more than one million pixels in the 42-inch screen size. ALiS is designed to match line for line with the viewable center 1024 lines of the 1080i HDTV system, reproducing finer details than any plasma in its class. Hitachi has also enhanced the gas and phosphor formulation to deliver a 10 percent brighter picture as well as a 60,000-hour useful life rating. Hitachi's WXGA display technology for 55-inch screen sizes dedicates more screen surface to the actual viewable picture area. Brighter pixels, combined with a black matrix between them, deliver a brilliant picture with deeper, truer colors and better contrast. VirtualHD 1080p II utilizes reverse pull down for native 1080i and 480i film sources to reproduce the smoothest image possible. The Quick Start Seamless HDTV and NTSC Tuners deliver the picture quickly with seamless access to all available channels. CableCARD compatibility provides simplified "one remote control" operation for cable programming on participating systems. The new Learning AV NET IV simplifies operation of complete home theater systems with one convenient interface. Infra-red (IR) repeaters integrate with on-screen software keys to control up to four components. Consumers can control external components like DVD players, VCRs and AV receivers or the smart AV NET can "learn" new IR commands. An Illuminated Roll & Click Remote offers a slim ergonomic design and backlit buttons for easy use. The unique rolling wheels make it easy to quickly change the channels or adjust the volume. Hitachi's separate Day and Night Memories for each source component deliver superior picture quality. Simply pressing the Day/Night button on the remote or using the automatic timer switches between bright daytime settings and high fidelity nighttime settings. The USB input provides the capability to view digital photographs. HDMI audio/video inputs. -Wideband component inputs.

Additional highlights include anti-reflective screen coatings, multiple color temperatures, including a black-and-white film temperature, and 4-step black enhancement. The 42HDS52 will be available in June for a suggested retail price of $4,299 and the 55HDS52 will be available in October for a suggested retail price of $5,799.

UltraVision CineForm HDT52 Plasma HDTV Series

The 42-inch 42HDT52 and 55-inch 55HDT52 include all of the features of the HDS52 series as well as several enhancements. Hitachi's signature CineForm Series adds distinctive design elements to the form and finish of the products. The TV Guide On Screen interactive programming guide offers convenient access to program and recording options to enhance the consumer experience. The HDT52 series also includes DV and IEEE1394 interfaces with full AV control to make recording to hard disk drives convenient and easy.

The 42HDT52 will be available in August for a suggested retail price of $4,399 and the 55HDT52 will be available in October for a suggested retail price of $5,899.

UltraVision CineForm Director's Series HDX62 Plasma HDTV Series

Hitachi's top of the line UltraVision CineForm Director's Series models for 2005 include the 55-inch 55HDX62 and 42-inch 42HDX62 plasma HDTVs. The 42HDX62 and 55HDX62 models include all of the advanced technologies found in the HDT52 and HDS52 models, including the new VirtualHD 1080p II digital video processor. An adjustable Color Decoder and the Custom Color Temperature feature with four memories presents a new level of convenience and image customization to discerning videophiles. The CineForm Director's Series Plasma HDTV line also feature exclusive high-end industrial design with sleek high gloss black highlights.

The new enhanced Digital Color Management III system can store two settings -- one for the photo memory card input, and one for all other video settings for true color rendering. Both models are packaged in a high-gloss black CineForm finish featuring a deep-black anti-reflective shield that effectively absorbs ambient room light, reducing reflections for richer blacks and vibrant color. The Film Quality Image Tuning provides increased detail in shadows and highlights.

These Director's Series models feature the exclusive Learning AV NET IV with Simple Remote, which concentrates the power of total home theater control into a small hand-held 12-button remote. This convenient and intuitive remote fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and can command an entire home theater system.

The 42HDX62 will be available in August at a suggested retail price of $5,499 and the 55HDX62 will be available in October at a suggested retail price of $6,999.

HDF52 Plasma HDTV and EDF42 Plasma EDTV Series

For consumers that desire the minimum television width, the 2005 plasma line also adds two new bottom speaker models in either high definition or enhanced definition.

The 42HDF52 features a 1024 x 1024 HDTV display resolution, a 10 percent brighter panel technology, high-aperture pixel design and pure HDTV blue phosphors with a black and titanium finish.

ATSC and NTSC tuners make it easy to tune into analog terrestrial or digital broadcasts and both models feature a VirtualHD Digital Video Processor to deliver smooth, sharp and accurate images.

Convenience features include 3:2 pull down to ensure a smooth and seamless display, multiple picture aspect modes, split screen and picture-in-picture, three color temperatures, SRS and BBE sound, digital 4MB 3D Y/C comb filter and an anti-reflective high-contrast glass shield.

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