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ProjectionDesign Factory Tour in Video

5 juillet 2006

See the new ProjectionDesign Factory and listen to our step-by-step guided tour and you will start to understand what makes this company unique.

The factory, located a few miles from the ocean in the town of Fredrikstad, was just recently inaugurated with all the production facilities under one roof.

Click on the above image to start your Factory tour in video

See the filters everywhere that eliminate the dust on the fully pressurized factory floor to ensure the mounting of the lenses is under the most optimal of conditions.

Dressed like in a hospital to assure totally dust free

Discover how the latest production technologies help increase the quality of their DLP video projectors, from magnesium casing to lead free soldering, including unique unit calibration process and circuit board manufacturing all of which is done in-house. Get a close-up of their new sophisticated machines that can, each, assemble 23,000 components an hour…

High technology machines literally everywhere

See the different steps of the assembly line. You will be able to get a up close look at the magnesium prototype which is at the heart of their projectors that cost 1.5 million euros.

Holding in your hand the “heart” worth millions

Quality control is a key factor as every circuit board is viewed and tested by a computer assisted machine.

Strict Quality Control both visual and computer assisted

It’s truly a “lean” operation working in a real condensed high-tech center. This is the secret of success that allows ProjectionDesign to produce the highest quality products while offering the best price to the consumer.

Click here to see hundreds of Zoom Image photos in our Factory Tour Special Report Picture Book.

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