Denon DVD-3930 DVD-2930 players go 1080p (CEDIA UK 2006)

4 juillet 2006

The new Denon DVD players, DVD-3930 and DVD-2930, were shown for the first time in Europe at the CEDIA UK 2006 and Roger Batchelor, Marketing Manager Denon UK, presents them to us in this video clip. They have a Silicon Optix processor with the new HQV chips. Get the utmost of the existing library of DVDs while the new formats get sorted out. Availability will be in late August throughout Europe. He also explains software and hardware upgrades for their existing amplifiers to allow them to offer 1080p scaling. There is also an upgrade for their 1080p DVD player with Silicon Optics HQV processor. All upgrades will be available through the Denon local dealer network in the coming months

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