THX & Warner

11 octobre 2002

De la certification dans l'air...

Warner Bros International vient de signer un partenariat avec la firme THX, afin d'appliquer la fameuse certification THX à ses 250 futures salles de cinéma.
Ce chantier qui se déroulera sur une période de trois ans, touchera les divers complexes que la Warner souhaite dévelloper à travers le monde (Europe, USA...).

Toutefois, pour vous permettre de mieux comprendre ce projet je vous invite à lire le communiqué de presse qui suit:

SAN RAFAEL, CA, October 9, 2002 — THX Ltd. today announced that Warner Bros. International Theatres (WBIT) has committed to installing 250 THX®-certified screens throughout its worldwide circuit over the next three years. The agreement will provide THX with a significantly stronger presence in key global markets, including Europe and the Pacific Rim. The 250 screens will be a combination of newly built theatres and upgraded existing facilities.

“Warner Bros. has always been committed to providing the very best sound and picture at our multiplexes,” said Millard Ochs, President, Warner Bros. International Theatres. “THX certification lets our audiences know at a glance that they’re in for a quality experience.”

WBIT is continuing to develop new multiplexes in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Japan, and is awaiting government approval for the nine-screen Grand Gateway Center in Shanghai.

“We are very excited that Warner Bros. has made this important commitment to THX,” said Martin Dew, Director of International Sales for THX. “As competition has intensified, exhibitors around the world are looking for ways to differentiate themselves, and we’re extremely pleased that WBIT sees THX certification as something that will enhance movie-going for their customers.”


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