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Projectiondesign Avielo Range: In Video

24 novembre 2008

Projectiondesign have launched three new models from the Avielo range.They are introduced by the Norwegian projector manufacturer, and use Texas Instruments DLP® technology for the ultimate in image quality and resolution. The projectors in the Avielo series are superbly styled and packaged, continuing Projectiondesign’s tradition for top-level industrial design.

The first three models to be released are the Avielo Prisma, Spectra and Optix. All models are based on the philosophy of providing the best possible image quality and user experience at their respective price levels.

Projectiondesign Avielo Range In Video

All feature Projectiondesign’s exclusive RealColor colour management suite, Texas Instruments DLP technology, full 10-bit video processing, and proprietary designed custom optics. Each projector is hand-built and uniquely characterised and calibrated at the Avielo factory in Fredrikstad, Norway, ensuring they will provide the best possible image quality,

The new, full HD 1080p resolution Avielo Optix offers a native resolution of 1,920 × 1,080 pixels and is suitable for up to 5 meter wide screens in dedicated home cinemas.

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