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EISA 2016-2017 Hi-Fi : AKG N90Q, meilleur casque High-End

25 août 2016

Ce casque massif de la série Quincy Jones était la star de la marque autrichienne lors du salon de l’IFA 2015

Disposant d’une calibration automatique TruNote et de la technologie de réduction de bruit active, ce casque offre une reproduction avec un effet de scène sonore réglable et une commande de tonalité personnalisée.

Commentaires accompagnant le prix, en anglais

While not the first headphones to boast on-board digital signal processing, this closed-back design has an ace up its sleeve. TruNote technology uses microphones located within the headphone capsules to automatically correct the frequency response for the ears of any listener. There’s also active noise cancellation, a choice of three sound modes and a built-in DAC fed by a micro USB input, also used to recharge the internal battery. Open and neutral sounding, with particularly impressive bass, the AKG N90Q gets closer than most to achieving loudspeaker-like sound. Game-changing technology often comes at a price, but if you want to take your private listening to the cutting edge, the AKG N90Q is well worth the cost.

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