Marantz SR9600 : Nouveau Haut de gamme

10 juin 2005

L’heure est au nouveautés outre atlantique, avec le lancement chez Marantz d’un intégré haut de gamme, venant concurrencer les actuelles grosses machines du marché du Home Cinéma.

Présenté en avant première lors du CES 2005, cet intégré ce destine, comme sa taille l’indique, aux grosses configurations. Reprenant le design très sobre auquel la marque nous a habitué depuis déjà quelques années, le Marantz SR9600, est doté d’une certification THX Ultra2

Conçu pour alimenter les plus grosses enceintes du marché, il offre une capacité d’alimentation électrique de 140 watts sur 7 canaux, couplé pour la partie « gestion audio » à une série de convertisseurs N/A cadencés à 24 bits/192 kHz, et à un décodeur Dolby Digital, Dolby Headphone, DTS, DTS ES, DTS 96/24

Pour ce qui est des grosses nouveautés, Marantz propose un système très à la mode et qui consiste en un « auto calibrage de la machine ». Ce mode appelé MRAC (Marantz Room Acoustic Calibration) fait appel à un microphone qui sera relié à l’ampli.

Autre nouveauté et non des moindres, puisque Marantz surfe là aussi sur la vague et intègre à son SR9600, trois connecteurs HDMI dédiés aux transferts des signaux Audio/Vidéo en numérique.

Déjà disponible au USA, le SR 9600 est vendu au prix de 4199 $.

Communiqué de presse
ITASCA, IL, May 26, 2005 - Marantz America, Inc. begins shipping its flagship Model SR9600 THX Ultra® 2-certified A/V receiver (SRP: $4,199) with unprecedented launch support and grassroots promotional activities. In a key phase of the launch, eleven Marantz executives will tour the country in June for a product demonstration blitz that will include visits to 21+ markets where they will personally promote the unit to key dealers and custom installation professionals. The tour is part of Marantz’ major “Life Amplified” re-branding initiative announced at CES 2005, which combines a renewed corporate commitment to partnering closely with key customers with the introduction of a wide range of breakthrough products to enhance and improve everyday life.

The SR9600…and All That Jazz!
The SR9600 launch will also be supported with an attention-getting display and product demonstrations at the upcoming Playboy Jazz Festival (June 11 and 12th at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles). As a sponsor of the Festival, Marantz will have a strong presence in the event’s main display area, where attendees will be able to see how the SR9600, as well as products from Escient and Mordaunt-Short, can fit into their lifestyles in new and exciting ways.

Noted Kevin Zarow, Vice President, Marketing and Product Development, Marantz America, Inc.: “At CES 2005, Marantz vowed that we were going to break new ground in our effort to update our image and communicate our status as a total audio and video home entertainment solutions provider. The launch of our flagship SR9600 is the perfect vehicle to help us present our new face to the world. The landmark receiver harkens back to Marantz’ heritage as a premier audio manufacturer, while clearly demonstrating our commitment to the future of total home entertainment. With the power and features to literally immerse users in room-filling surround sound and home theater, the SR9600 embodies our ‘Life Amplified’ corporate philosophy.”

SR9600: Where No Receiver Has Gone Before
The ultimate-quality Marantz SR9600 (SRP: $4,199) is a multi-channel A/V receiver that brings a new level of fidelity and installation flexibility to the premium receiver category. For example, the innovative amplifier design utilizes a special “tunnel” type heat sink with an extremely quiet variable speed fan that doesn’t activate until serious heat conditions occur, ensuring users of audiophile-level silence. In addition, the SR9600 is one of the first products in the world to use the new Cirrus Logic
CS49502 DSP. This chip has unprecedented processing power and utilizes two 32-bit cores for the ability to complete over 260 million instructions per second. This enables extremely complex post-processing of the most sophisticated audio signals. The SR9600 also features a strengthened chassis as well as a host of advanced technologies including new high-speed twin 32-Bit DSP Chipsets, audiophile-grade DACs, two IEEE1394 ports, seven-channels of equal power amplification, and HDMI switching.

To add flexibility and versatility, the SR9600 features a three zone version of Marantz’ acclaimed multi-source, multi-zone capability. Each of the two additional zones can be amplified, line level, at either fixed or variable output levels and can be controlled from the front panel, via either IR or RS232 connectors.

Strikingly Elegant Cosmetic, With Classic Marantz Design Elements
The first thing you notice about Marantz’ new flagship receiver is its stunning, classically simple exterior. Audio aficionados will particularly appreciate the receiver’s nod to the “classic” Marantz era with the precision Flywheel Gyro-Touch AM/FM tuner, capable of storing up to 50 station presets. The stylish fold-down front panel allows for a clean attractive symmetrical design while concealing the fully functional cursor-controlled menu. In addition to its visual elegance, the rugged copper-plated chassis prevents internal vibrations from radiating to the exterior of the receiver, virtually eliminating noise intrusion and maintaining the classic Marantz sound.

The Marantz SR9600 Digital Surround Receiver incorporates the most advanced digital technologies for ultimate home theater receiver performance. A Massive Toroidal Transformer provides a clean and powerful 140 watts x 7 channels for authoritative, effortless reproduction of movie soundtracks and music.

To ensure the highest quality video images from all sources, the SR9600’s newly designed video section features S-video/composite-to-component-video upconversion. The SR9600 also includes a built-in HDCD® decoder, to provide the superior sonic benefits of HDCD playback from CD players and DVD players without HDCD capability. The receiver features a Video Off mode that switches off the video circuitry for lowest interference during audio-only playback.

The SR9600 offers an extensive array of connection options for installation flexibility, including four component video inputs and two outputs, plus S-video and composite video inputs, and multiple digital and analog audio inputs. To ensure compatibility with today’s most advanced source components, the SR9600 features HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) switching, with two HDMI inputs and one output as well as two IEEE1394 ports for further video connectivity options.

Advanced MRAC For Fast, Easy Calibration
Marantz’s proprietary MRAC (Marantz Room Acoustic Calibration) feature, with an included high-quality microphone, provides users with an easy and fast way to analyze and calibrate optimum surround sound settings for any size or shape room, including parameters for speaker level, phase, size and frequency response. For total versatility and utility, the SR9600 also offers audio and video multi-room operation with configurable amplifier output and multi-room on-screen display.

Dolby Headphone Technology, and More
The SR9600 offers a host of additional performance and convenience features. The inclusion of Dolby® Headphone technology in the SR9600 allows users to listen to music, watch movies, or play video games with the dramatic surround effects of a 5.1-channel soundtrack through any set of headphones. Total surround sound versatility and realism is provided with the inclusion of THX Surround EX, DTS-ES Discrete, DTS-ES Matrix and DTS Neo:6® Cinema and Music 6.1-channel decoding.

The SR9600 is supplied with the highly acclaimed RC3200 programmable touch-screen learning remote control that operates all functions and can control all the components in a home entertainment system.

The SR9600 receiver joins Marantz’ full line of 7.1-channel receivers, including the SR8500 and SR7500 (SRP $1,099), SR5500 (SRP $649.99) and the high-value SR4500 (SRP $449.99).

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