Trailers Dolby

11 mars 2003

Annonce officielle

Dolby vient d'annoncer sur son site web via un communiqué de presse, qu'un nouveau trailer sera prochainement disponible(vers le mois de mai) sur les DVD et autres supports cinématographiques.
Ce nouveau trailer produit par Dolby et qui met en scène le groupe de percussion Stomp, s'appelera "Perspectives".
Nous savons notamment qu'il dure 30 secondes, qu'il a été filmé en 35 mm et qu'il sera accompagné sur tous supports confondus, d'une bande son encodée en Dolby Surround EX.

Dolby abandonne ou délaisse ainsi les images de synthèse, au profit d'un trailer qui allie les performances acoustiques et vidéo.

Communiqué de presse
San Francisco, February 27, 2003—Dolby Laboratories has collaborated with world-renowned theatrical percussion group STOMP to produce an energetic and dazzling new theatrical trailer, its first since 1999.

“Perspectives” is a 30-second live action 35 mm Dolby® Digital Surround EX™ film trailer ready to make its debut with summer studio releases beginning this May. The colorful, inventive trailer makes use of the STOMP troupe's unique percussive performance techniques which are enhanced and intensified by Dolby's multichannel audio technologies used in the world's leading cinemas.

In February 2003, ten STOMP performers from the group's New York and Boston companies took part in the three-day shoot at Silvercup East Studios in New York. The group performed with their signature props including keys, garbage can lids, oil drums, and push brooms.

“We wanted this trailer to involve live action, to be exciting as well as entertaining, and to focus on sound—STOMP provides all of this and more,” said Tim Partridge, vice president, Professional Division. “The Dolby trailers demonstrate the impact of great sound but also indicate to the audience that they are in a high-quality theatre and about to watch a feature that uses Dolby technologies.”

The trailer was conceived and choreographed by STOMP creators Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas for use not only in cinemas, but also for applications including DVD, broadcast, and video gaming.

“The Dolby/STOMP collaboration seems like a perfect partnership to us: what better space to explore and discover new sounds and new rhythms, than Dolby surround sound?” Cresswell and McNicholas explained. “As the creators of STOMP, we are constantly exploring new ways of creating sound, so we're thrilled to help demonstrate the ultimate cinema sound experience.”

STOMP was created in Brighton, UK, in 1991. It was the result of a ten year collaboration between its creators: Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas are both self taught musicians who worked in various theatrical and musical outfits in the UK through the 1980s. They worked together for several years as street musicians/performers across Europe. Continuing their creative partnership, they began STOMP in 1991: since then they have directed a series of award winning commercials internationally and received an Oscar nomination for their short film Brooms. Together they composed the soundtrack to the Showtime movie, Riot and directed the Stomp Out Loud special for HBO, which received four Emmy nominations, including Best Direction. Luke's work as a percussionist and rhythm programmer includes Beats International, Bette Midler, Elvis Costello, and Bryan Ferry. Their latest projects include Pulse, a visual exploration of global rhythms for IMAX movie theatres, and their first feature film, VACUUMS.


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