SIM2 launch stunning new range of 1080 projectors (What Hifi Stuff Show 2006)

26 novembre 2006

Alan Roser, Managing Director of Sim2 UK, shows us four projectors in the current range. First up is the Domino 35, an entry level single chip 720 projector, followed closely by the first viewing of the new D80, a single chip true 1080 HD projector. This exciting new model partners the HT3000 and expands the current 1080 range to 9 different models. Third up is the C3X, which is a 3 chip 720 product. The impressive anamorphic lens provides a true cinematic experience. Finally we reach the Holy Grail, the first viewing of the HT5000, a 3 chip 1080 projector producing 2 million pixels. An amazing product, but don’t try lifting it & it looks heavy!

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