Yamaha World Premiere of new YSP-900 with magical 'sound beams' (What Hifi Stuff Show 2006)

26 novembre 2006

In the second of two World Premieres at the show, Terry Murphy, Technical Product Manager at Yamaha, announces the YSP 900 which offers true 5.1 decoding from a single unit. Partnered by the new YSP 1100, both offer easier and more accurate setup. They also have a single button on the remote control which allows the user to have all sound ëbeams’ directed just to them, perhaps where there are others in the same room doing different things! The new products offer full 5.1 decoding using sound beams which gives a full surround sound experience. In the shops now with RRP’s of £599 for the YSP 900 and £899 for the YSP 1100.

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