The DVD Experience :

28 octobre 2000

A Cool Site For Cool Internauts...

In addition to our news about the fabulous boxed set - THE ULTIMATE TOY BOX, and to continue in our search for trailers of all sorts (Dolby, DTS, THX & co), we would like to give you the address of an excellent site…

The DVD Experience.

Put together by a group of front line fanatics who certainly appear to know what they’re on about, The DVD Exp. offers, among other things, a very complete dossier on all trailers produced to date (on all supports), with, for each of them, an outline of the action visible on the screen, impressions by members of the editorial staff, and a swathe of great images.

Fans of DVD critiques won’t be let down either, DVD Exp also does a good job here as well.

In brief, to be placed as top priority on your surfing list:


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