Pioneer DVR 7000

25 juin 2001

Troisième génération...

Pioneer vient d’annoncer la commercialisation de son futur lecteur enregistreur de DVD le DVR7000. C’est donc sous cette troisième génération de lecteur enregistreur, que la marque affiche sa volonté de s’attaquer au marché du grand public et de concurrençer par là, les autres constructeurs qui proposent des produits similaires, mais disposant d'un rapport prix performances, bien plus attractifs.
Fort de son succès dans le domaine de l'enregistrement numérique, le constructeur semble par ailleurs avoir fait des efforts tant sur les spécificités techniques qui pour l’occasion ont été revues, que par son prix qui oscillera aux alentours de 11500 francs contre 19000 pour les modèles précédents.

Aucune date de disponibilité n’a été annoncée par Pioneer qui souhaite comme il a coutume, d'inonder dans un premier temps les marchés asiatique et nord-américain.


<< The Market Background for DVD Recorders in Japan >>

A shift from videotape recording to disc recording Pioneer's introduction in Japan of the world's first DVD Recorder (DVR-1000) in December 1999, and subsequent release of the second generation DVD Recorder (DVR-2000) fundamentally changed the style and mode of video recording. The DVR-2000 enabled "Video Mode recording" (DVD Video Format) onto DVD-R/RW discs, another world's first. Pioneer Corporation leads the world of DVD recording and has attained high praises from the Japanese market. These DVD recorders not only record but also enable video editing and archiving of recorded material in a wide variety of ways. Consumers can enjoy playback of high quality picture and sound without the need for cumbersome handling methods like rewind and fast-forward.
Excellent durability and its compact- size make DVD discs ideal for long-term storage of video recordings. DVD's widespread growth in the market positions DVD as the audio-video media to replace videotape.

A fundamental factor of DVD recording: DVD-R/RW's excellent playback compatibility with DVD-Video players*3 DVD-RW and DVD-R both use the same 12cm, 4.7GB disc as DVD-Video, and were chosen as the world standard by the DVD Forum. DVD-RW, which can be rewritten about 1000 times as well as DVR-R, which is write-once, were developed with the same process used to develop CD-R and CD-RW from the basic CD-ROM format. The recording method of DVD-R and DVD-RW is extremely close to that of DVD-ROM, so compatibility can easy be realized, a remarkable benefit from consumer viewpoint.
In addition to the DVD recorder for home use, personal computer makers worldwide began to sell products equipped with DVD-R/RW drives. To date, Pioneer has been entrusted with OEM supply to Sony VAIO in Japan; Compaq Computer and Apple Computer in the United States; NEC-CI in Europe. More recently, the application of DVD-R has been announced from other DVD recorder manufacturers, an indication that DVD-R/RW is the global standard in the world of DVD recording.

Greater variety and ease in use with two recording formats Using the Video Recording mode (VR Mode) for recording in Video Recording Format*1,with its wide variety of video editing functions, it achieved dramatically new, high-quality recording and editing capabilities that only a disc recorder can provide. Furthermore, there is an increased number of RW-compatible DVD players that can play RW discs recorded in this VR mode.
DVD-R/RW discs recorded in the Video Mode for recording in the DVD-Video Format*2, on the other hand, can be played on DVD players and personal computers equipped with DVD-ROM drives*3.

Pioneer is rewriting the future of DVD technology by enabling a greater variety of DVD recording options that are more enjoyable, more convenient, and easier to use, moving the global standard a step forward. Pioneer will begin marketing the product overseas within this fiscal year ending March 2002.

Part I : Main features of DVR-7000 DVD Recorder

-Equipped with the ultimate functions of enjoying high-quality picture and sound, such as Progressive Scan playback, Linear PCM recording
-Easy digital dubbing possible with DV terminal (i.LINK*4)
-Silver-colored body with simple, stylish design

Part II : Main characteristics of the DVR-7000 DVD Recorder

Ability to select the favorite recording mode and disc according to usage.

"VR Mode" to enjoy the variegated functions such as easy video editing.
"VR Mode" is the image recording function corresponding to the DVD-RW (Ver. 1.0 & 1.1) disc for recording in the "Video Recording Format". This format applies the MPEG compression technology, realizing high resolution recording on real-time and also has a variety of editing functions. Its recording time is two hours on the standard mode (SP), and on manual mode (MN) the length can be selected anywhere from one to six hours at any 32 settings according to the recording quality and time. It makes it possible to use the disc's recording capacity efficiently and record with optimum picture quality
DVD-RW discs recorded in the "VR Mode" can be played back on Pioneer and other companies' DVD-RW-compatible players.

"Video Mode" enabling playback on DVD players*3 When recording in "Video Mode", DVD-R and DVD-RW discs can be played on DVD players and DVD-ROM drives*3. The recording time is one hour with V1 mode and two hours, with V2 mode.

Improved picture and sound quality

-Higher picture quality playback with two Progressive Scan circuits:
(1)The Pioneer-designed PureCinemaTM circuit method of Progressive Scan. Using 2-3 pull-down inverse telecine technology, it accurately reproduces the line structure of the DVD software, such as movies produced from film materials, faithfully to its original source. Especially when playing DVD movies, it reproduces the rich feel that the film imagery has naturally. (2)Applying an algorithm unique to Pioneer, the player selects a quantum coefficient in real time, used in MPEG encoding process, realizing dramatically smooth and natural picture quality reproduction from the recorded DVD-R/RW disc.
-High-resolution component frame DNR-PRO Circuit: The component frame DNR-PRO circuit realizes high precision noise reduction, which defines the distinctions of image signals and noise by setting up the most suitable parameter for the respective signals of luminance and color difference. It realizes the superior high-precision image playback together with progressive scan, performing extremely high-precision noise detection.
-Realizing a more high-quality recording with smooth resolution control Loaded with the new MPEG Video Encoder (1 Pass Variable Bit rate Control & Multi-resolution). In addition to D1 and 1/2-D1, it applies the new resolution levels (3/4D1,2/3D1), which perform the control of the resolution level more smoothly. It realizes the most suitable picture quality responding to the changes in recording times. (VR Mode).
-Realizing the high quality sound of Linear PCM Sound recording by 20bit/64fs ADC Recording by uncompressed Linear PCM Sound can be made with one hour recording (MN32) on VR Mode. Furthermore, the high quality sound recording by DDCE (Dolby*5 Digital Consumer Encoder) is possible with other recording modes.
-Picture creation (Picture quality adjustment function during recording) that further enables the dubbing of precious images beautifully It not only allows for a professional-level picture quality adjustment during playback, but also enables the adjustment of brilliance signal and color signal to the most suitable picture quality during recording. For example, if one wishes to dub a video tape with deteriorated image quality, it enables one to save the images by adjusting them to picture quality that are more appealing and suited to one's taste

Operation system has become more simple and handy

-Applying the new GUI (Graphic User Interface) which thoroughly pursued operability The set up of a pleasant audio/video environment can be made promptly by just operating the remote control while watching the screen. Moreover, a Help Area which explains the operation procedure and terms in an easy-to-understand manner has been provided. It has become possible to perform basic operations without opening the user manual.
-Simple digital dubbing with i.LINK Digital dubbing is made simple by connecting the DV terminal with the fitted digital video camera*6. Moreover, each control of the digital video camera such as "playback", "pause", "fast forward", "rewind" and "slow motion" are made possible*6 using the remote control of the DVR-7000, and video editing work can also be done easily.
-Applying Smart Jog & Shuttle Dial which realize simple design and multi-function simple operation: The Function Changeover Key and Smart-Jog & Shuttle Dial have been positioned on the front panel. Hereby various special plays have become possible, such as channel up-down, input level adjustment, recording mode setup, chapter track skip, fast forward and reverse, slow, step-by-step forward and reverse, and reservation confirmation.

Copyright protection technology

In addition to Macrovision signal detection and CGMS*7 signal judgment, the DVR-7000 has been made to prevent recording against the will of the copyright owner by corresponding to CPRM*8 Moreover, the playback of a disc that has been reproduced without consent is not possible due to the Media ID Detection function. Furthermore, a protection technology which prevents the reproduction of video contents protected by CSS*9 is provided in the blank discs of the DVD-R/RW.

Other groundbreaking features of DVR-7000

-Easy recording without any "cueing" (Video Mode, VR Mode)
-Disc NAVI" (Navigator) for instant index viewing (VR Mode)
-Easy video editing through MD-like operations (VR Mode)
-Input of titles in Japanese characters (Video Mode, VR Mode)
-Disc Program Recording System (VR Mode)
-Auto Start Recording for pre-setting the unit to record digital broadcasts. By setting up "reservation" on the BS digital tuner or CS tuner, the user can program the unit to automatically record selected programming.

State of the art technology for high-quality picture and sound recording
-Newly developed high-output recording pickup and signal processing LSI realizing the high-precision recording onto DVD-R/RW as well as playback of CD disc.
-Newly developed high-quality Video Recorder LSI 10bit/27MHz Video ADC for the reproduction of the minutest images
-Loaded with 10bit/54MHz Image DAC
-Quantum Noise Reduction for eliminating image noise specific to DVD. Realizes a more natural and high-definition image playback by decreasing the mosquito noise*10 and block noise*11, which basically occur to MPEG compressed images used in DVD and Video CD images

Other features
-525P D2 video output terminal.
-3-Dimension Y/C Separation Circuit for high-quality picture recording
-96 kHz/24-bit D/A converter to reproduce high-quality DVD sound.
-The Component Image Output Terminal which directly outputs the brilliance (Y) and color difference (Cb, Cr) video signals.
-Supports dts digital output.
-4-speed Fast-Forward and Fast-Reverse (scan)/Chapter title skip.
-Wealth of Play functions including Slow (4-speed Forward, 2-speed Reverse), Repeat and Program.
-Best-Rate Recording for checking recording time and available space on disc and automatically calculating optimum transfer rate.
-TBC (Time Base Corrector) LSI for efficient jitter-free, high quality recording.
-User friendly G-code ready Jog & Shuttle and Remote Controller.

Part III : DVD-RW Disc "DVS-RW47B"

"DVS-RW47B" is a DVD Disc capable of recording and rewriting in conformity with the DVD-RW (Ver. 1.1) standard set by the DVD Forum. A phase change material that is high density yet resistant to repetition is used, so there is no deterioration of picture quality and sound quality with repeated recording and playback.

Because this disc corresponds to both "VR Mode" recording with its variegated editing functions and "Video Mode" recording which realizes a wide playback environment, it can be adapted according to use. This disc supports CPRM technology*8.


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