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Du 5.1 sur Canal + 16/9

28 décembre 2004

Dans le cadre de son développement mais aussi de sa passion pour le cinéma, Canal + vient d'annoncer via un communiqué de presse sur le site de Dolby, pour son 20 ème anniversaire, avoir proposé les premiers programmes disposant d'un flux audio encodé en Dolby Digital 5.1.

En effet, c'est sur le canal 16/9 inclu dans le bouquet Canal+ Numérique, que la chaîne privée a proposé une première diffusion de ce type le 1 novembre avec le "Seigneur des anneaux : les 2 tours", suivi quelques semaines plus tard, le 22 novembre du film "Half past dead", le 6 décembre de "Fanfan la tulipe" et plus récemment le 27 décembre avec "Hulk".

Afin de fournir une offre plus complète aux abonnés équipés de système Home Cinéma, Canal + nous proposera prochainement un nombre plus important de films encodés en 5.1. Par ailleurs, on notera, qu'un certain nombre d'opérateurs satellites étrangers (Allemagne, Angleterre) proposent déjà des programmes dans leurs bouquets.

Communiqué de presse
As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, leading French pay-TV channel, CANAL+, announced its first broadcast in Dolby ® Digital 5.1 surround sound on CANAL+ 16/9, a specific channel dedicated to 16/9 format. CANAL+ is the first French broadcaster to deliver the added thrill of Dolby Digital surround sound to its viewers.

The service was launched with the broadcast of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on 1 November 2004 and was followed a couple of weeks later on 22 November with the network premiere of Half Past Dead .

Demand for surround sound programming is growing as consumers come to expect the same high-quality, immersive audio experience from their television programming as they get from their DVDs.

Rodolphe Belmer, Chief Operating Officer of CANAL+ premium channel, commented, "We wanted to offer something significant to our subscribers for our 20th anniversary and believe that we have achieved that with Dolby Digital 5.1. CANAL+ has always been at the forefront, offering its subscribers the best quality in premium content, enhanced with the ultimate technology. We feel that the provision of immersive surround sound gives them a significant extra. Dolby's experience and advice in implementing the technology has been invaluable".

Jason Power, Market Development Manager, Dolby Laboratories, commented, "Dolby 5.1 sound makes a big difference to a broadcast and, as such, is a compelling feature for potential subscribers to satellite channels. A recent survey by a European broadcaster found that a widescreen picture and Dolby Digital surround sound were the top two reasons why customers bought pay-per-view movies. It's great to see even more broadcasters taking this on board and delivering an excellent audio experience to their customers."

December will see yet more exciting films broadcast in full Dolby Digital surround sound on Canal+, with the French film, Fanfan la tulipe , which aired on 6 December and The Incredible Hulk just after Christmas on 27 December.

Dolby has already worked with several channels across Europe to bring Dolby Digital 5.1 to viewers, including Sat1 and ZDF in Germany , FastWeb in Italy , numerous channels in Scandinavia, Sky in the UK , and TVP and TVN in Poland . With Sky+ and Premiere having both recently announced their intention to launch HD services with 5.1 in 2005, surround sound coupled with excellent picture quality looks set to deliver European consumers the ultimate entertainment experience.


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