CES 2004 : Mission

12 janvier 2004

Mission pas impossible

La société Mission qui comme tient comme chaque année un petit stand, accueillait en son bord de nombreuses nouveautés produits à destination de home cinéphiles mais également des passionnés d’intégration. Commençons tout d’abord par les nouveaux systèmes d’enceintes :
-la Pilastro une colonne Haute Fidélité intégrant le meilleur de la technologie en matière de diffusion sonore (Forme du coffret adapté pour une meilleur restitution, HP en Nomex, sensibilité de 95 dB…) Cette enceinte High End sera prochainement disponible au prix de 40000$ (la paire je vous rassure).

-La série Elegante qui se compose de 3 packs d’enceintes 6.1 (possibilité de les avoir en 7.1), propose deux principales, deux surround, une centrale et un caisson de grave actif.
De même conception les E80, E82 et E83 reprennent le cahier des charges de la Pilastro : Design épuré, HP et Filtre de dernière génération permettant entre autre d’être compatible avec les formats SACD et DVD-Audio. Côté prix ces packs s’échelonneront de 5,990 à 9,990$.

Pack E83

Pour finir sur une nouveauté qui ravira les intégrateurs, Mission présentait le concept du miroir à écran LCD et enceintes intégrées : ViSound. Ce système qui n’est pas nouveau sur le marché (enfin du moins le fait de mettre un LCD derrière un miroir…) reste tout de même intéressant quand on sait qu’il propose le système NXT® SurfaceSound. Ce dernier, qui se caractérise par des enceintes invisibles qui sont placés sur une zone du miroir, permet de diffuser du son en stéréo.

Ce produit qui risque d’intéresser bien des utilisateurs de salle de bain sera disponible courant 2004 , aucun prix n’a été annoncé…

Communiqué de presse

MORRISTOWN, New Jersey, January 8, 2004—For discriminating music lovers who will settle for nothing but the very best, there's the Mission Pilastro loudspeaker…and as they say about Fifth Avenue penthouses and private yachts -- if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it.* On display at Mission's CES 2004 (Booth #16105), the Mission Pilastro loudspeaker brings together 25 years of the company's audio expertise in a masterpiece of sonic engineering and unmatched aesthetic design.

Mission's flagship loudspeaker, the Pilastro is designed to reproduce music with all the nuance and expression of live performance. To this end, the Pilastro blends innovative engineering, the most advanced driver technologies and premium construction techniques. The loudspeaker boasts a frequency response from 22Hz to 56kHz, along with an extremely high 95dB efficiency, to reproduce the entire musical spectrum with unsurpassed realism and dynamic power.

The Pilastro loudspeaker is designed to work with the very best of today's music systems. When used with a solid-state amplifier, sound reproduction is smooth and seamless, even during the most demanding musical peaks. In addition, tube amplifier aficionados will be thrilled by the Pilastro's effortless, relaxed quality and ability to play at satisfying volume levels even using exotic lower-powered tube amplifiers.

A Refined Audio Masterpiece
Noted Peter Comeau, Director of Acoustic Design at Mission, "In ancient Roman architecture, the Pilastro is the fundamental support or pillar of a building. This name perfectly sums up the philosophy behind the Pilastro loudspeaker.

The Pilastro is the foundation of a world-class music system capable of achieving astonishing fidelity, musicality and emotional impact. Coupled with this state-of-the-art performance is Pilastro's elegant styling and understated grace, as befits a true work of art. The Pilastro is indeed a masterpiece of form and function, in the same manner as its Roman namesake."

Custom Drivers, Built from the Ground Up
All the drivers in the Pilastro are completely custom-designed. The tweeter is a work of art in itself-a 1-1/4-inch ring dome, ferrofluid-cooled design featuring a neodymium magnet, pressure-controlled rear chamber and integral phase plug to deliver remarkably smooth, yet detailed and extended high frequency response. The dual 6-1/2-inch midrange drivers are constructed utilizing a special natural fiber cone material, precision elastic surround and Kapton voice coil former, a combination that yields fast transient response, exceptional acoustic transparency and natural, accurate tonal qualities without any trace of "hardness."

The Pilastro's four 8-inch woofers employ an air-dried Nomex cone and a large-diameter, double layer voice coil on an aluminum former for extremely well controlled, articulate bass response with minimal distortion. The woofers operate in conjunction with six complementary 8-inch ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) passive radiators to achieve extreme bass extension. To sonically blend these superlative drivers, the Pilastro features an audiophile-grade hard-wired crossover network, connected using custom designed, silver plated OFCC (Oxygen-Free Continuous Copper) cabling.

Granitech-the Ultimate Enclosure Material
The Pilastro's sonic capabilities are in no small part a result of the enclosure itself. The enclosure is constructed from Granitech, a unique composite material that resembles granite, yet can be molded into a gently tapered shape that is acoustically inert, and eliminates internal standing waves and cabinet colorations. Granitech is finished with the appearance of highly polished marble, making the Pilastro a stunning visual as well as sonic statement.

Traditionally, an enclosure as rigid as the Pilastro's would pass all internally generated vibration from the woofers to the floor it was standing on. Previous efforts to solve this problem have included techniques such as decoupling, isolation and mass damping. With Pilastro, Mission engineers solved the problem by pairing the woofers in opposition to each other and linking them by means of an internal "force pipe," a solution that enables each woofer pair to self-cancel internal vibrations while improving transient impact and low-frequency focus.

Stunning Finishes to Complement Every Decor
The Mission Pilastro's awe-inspiring sonic performance is matched only by its magnificent appearance-a streamlined, slim tower design with gracefully contoured Granitech top and side surfaces accented by exotic wood side panels. Pilastro is available to order in a choice of mirror-gloss Granitech finishes and veneered wood side panel options to complement the most luxurious decors and living environments. Every Mission Pilastro loudspeaker pair is completely hand-built by the company's most skilled artisans and accompanied by a numbered certificate of ownership signed by chief designer Peter Comeau.

*The Mission Pilastro loudspeaker is currently available at a suggested retail price of $40,000 per pair. For more information, call 1-866-MISN-USA or visit Mission at www.mission-usa.com.

Série Elegante
MORRISTOWN, New Jersey, January 8, 2004—At CES 2004 Mission, the British loudspeaker manufacturer renowned worldwide for its leading edge design and craftsmanship of quality audio products, is debuting its new elegante loudspeakers. The elegante range consists of three unique loudspeaker systems, each carefully sculptured and acoustically engineered by Mission's highly acclaimed R&D team to combine the ultimate in striking good looks and sonic performance. Designed to complement the décor of any room in the house, each system has been crafted to perform as well in multi-channel operation as in two-channel stereo.

Stylish Cabinet Design Flawlessly Combines Form and Function
Mission's constant pursuit of excellence has resulted in close attention not only to the acoustic performance of elegante loudspeakers, but also the styling. Strongly influenced by the elegant styling and understated grace of Mission's flagship Pilastro, elegante speakers feature a gently curved profile, with luxurious Grania cabinets that optimize sound dispersion. All speakers feature a highly polished, hand-lacquered anthracite finish with black cloth grilles.

All three elegante systems will be available in 6.1-channel home theater configurations, with a simple option to upgrade to 7.1-channel. Comprising of elegantly profiled loudspeakers and powerful subwoofer, each system effortlessly delivers all the power, thrills and excitement of the latest DVD, DVD-Audio and SACD releases. The elegante systems will be available the first quarter of 2004. Pricing ranges from $5,990 to $9,990.

e80: Understated Excellence
The elegante e80 system is the smallest system available in the elegante range, consisting of five bookshelf e80 loudspeakers, an e8c center-channel and a compact e8as1 350W subwoofer. A rigid wall bracket is supplied with each of the e80 satellites for wall mounting; however, it can also be used to lock the speakers onto a specially designed elegante floor stand. The e8c can either be wall-mounted using the supplied bracket or simply positioned (for instance, underneath a plasma screen) on an equipment rack. Finally, the e8as1 subwoofer is cuboid in design, utilizing a 10" long-throw driver and twin ABRs for powerful bass performance, housed in a Grania cabinet that matches the rest of the system.

e82: Perfect For Home Theater or Music Listening
Ideal for medium or large-sized rooms, the new elegante e82 system consists of two slim-line e82 tower loudspeakers, three bookshelf e80 loudspeakers and an e8c center-channel, plus the e8as1 compact subwoofer. Each e80 is supplied with a wall bracket that also fits onto an elegante floor stand. The e8c can either be wall-mounted using the supplied bracket or simply positioned on the equipment rack. For enhanced bass performance the e82 system can be upgraded by replacing the 350W e8as1 with a 500W e8as2 sub-woofer. e83 system: Magnificence and Power
The largest of the Mission elegante systems is the e83 system, featuring two tall and elegant e83 tower loudspeakers, with two 6.5" bass/mid drivers and three 6.5" ABRs. These magnificent stereo speakers are complemented by three e81 bookshelf loudspeakers and a stylish e8c center channel. Finally, a 500W e8as2 subwoofer features four Pilastro-type 8" bass drivers providing incredible LFE performance. elegante: Continuing Mission's Tradition of Innovation
elegante includes many innovations in loudspeaker design, which continues Mission's tradition of enhancing performance through technical advancement. Cabinet walls are formed from Grania, a bonded multi-layer composite of MDF and particle board that creates a virtually inert structure. Grania cabinet walls are resistant to transmitted sound, lowering coloration and improving the clarity of sound from the drive units. Paramid-S drivers feature Mission's sandwich cone formulation of a light aramid fibre inner core with optimum damping and outer hard-lacquered pulp paper skins that provide rigidity.

The Paramid cone is driven by a new motor structure where Mission's engineers have incorporated copper and aluminium rings to dramatically reduce eddy current distortion - a traditional problem in moving-coil loudspeaker design. Paramid-S drivers are locked into the Grania cabinets so that the chassis and magnet structure are braced between the cabinet walls and front baffle, improving transient attack and detailing. Interior sound absorption is via Mission's Acufil graded fibre damping material, with anechoic grade foam placed at critical points. Connection to the high-power audiophile grade crossover is via Mission designed OFC cable in Expanded PE insulation, each cable is designed specifically for its particular frequency range of transmission.

The elegante Viotex-S treble drivers feature a lightweight fabric dome with excellent internal damping and linear frequency range to 36kHz, allowing the speakers to achieve high performance results from SACD and DVD-Audio sources. The drivers use high-powered neodymium magnets with aluminium heatsinking to allow wide dynamic range with minimal compression. Each Viotex-S driver is fitted with a special front plate that optimizes dispersion on the horizontal direction for a wide listening angle.

Le mirroir
MORRISTOWN, New Jersey, January 8, 2004—Mission, one of the world's leading innovators in advanced audio/video technology, is demonstrating an exciting new concept in A/V display devices at CES 2004 (Booth #16105). The company's breakthrough ViSound system utilizes a patented "screen-behind-the-mirror" design that combines the latest in slim-line Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display technology with state-of-the-art patented NXT® SurfaceSound™ loudspeaker technology. The result is a hidden high-performance audio/video system that in every way resembles a stylishly designed, high-tech mirror and is ideal for placement in the home, corporate boardrooms as well as commercial locations.

Noted Steve Adams, Mission's New Technologies Manager: "A key part of Mission's drive to expand our presence in the U.S. is the introduction of unique, lifestyle-enhancing home entertainment solutions, all of which reflect excellence in performance, design and utility. ViSound is a perfect example of this new and exciting direction. Not only does it give custom installers an attractive and unique new product concept, it provides users with options for a variety of creative applications. For instance, installed as a bathroom mirror, ViSound would allow a homeowner to enjoy the morning news while shaving. Restaurants and bars could use ViSound in their restrooms as a second display device for sports viewing, or even to run advertisements for their establishment. Beauty salons could use ViSound to provide customers with entertainment during treatments. The possibilities for this unique product are virtually limitless."

Mission's ViSound features a 4:3 format 129 x 96 mm (163 mm diagonal) TFT screen that is disguised behind an integral mirror, and the high-performance TFT screen provides a wide viewing angle of 110° horizontal / 60° vertical.

The audio portion of ViSound was designed by Mission's engineers, and represents the latest generation in the company's acclaimed loudspeaker family utilizing NXT® SurfaceSound™ flat-panel speaker technology. The upper portion of the mirror is driven by specially designed transducers, and actually becomes the loudspeaker-a world first in audio reproduction. ViSound will be available in the second quarter of 2004; pricing TBA.


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