CES 2004 : Panasonic

9 janvier 2004

L'heure est à la miniaturisation

Panasonic qui comme tous les ans dispose de la surface d’exposition la plus grande, présente quelques nouveautés intéressantes mais plus spécifiquement dédiées aux passionnés d’appareils portatif.

Ainsi Hormis la présentation d’une gamme complète de téléviseurs à Tubes compatibles HDTV et de deux nouveaux systèmes Home Theater In the Box SC-HT07 et SC-HT05 (Amplification numérique, lecteur enregistreur DVD, double décodeur Dolby Digital DTS...), Panasonic propose deux nouveaux lecteurs de DVD portatifs DVD-LX8 et DVD-LX9, qui seront prochainement commercialisés. Tous deux sont compatibles en lecture avec les nouveaux DVD-Audio, mais également avec d'autres formats comme le DVD-RAM, MP3.

En outre, on notera que la différence entre ces deux produits réside dans la taille de l’écran "rétractable" qui est mesure 8 pouces sur l’un contre 9 pour l’autre.

Pour répondre à Sanyo qui avait lancé son caméscope MPEG4, Panasonic complète sa gamme D-snap avec tout d’abord la plus petite caméra numérique et appareil photo 2 méga pixels du monde, à enregistrer sur une mémoire amovible SD Card le SV-AV50, puis plus gros mais tout aussi performant le SV-AV25. Ces produits qui verront le jour prochainement préfigurent l’avenir de la vidéo de vacances…

A côté de cette offre novatrice Panasonic présentait également une nouvelle gamme de lecteurs de DVD équipés à moindre coût (entendez par là « pas chers en magasin »)
-DVD-S97 : Progressive Scan, DVD-Audio, HDMI : 299.95 $
-DVD-F87 Carroussel 5-disques, progressive scan, multi-format (DVD Video, DVD-RAM, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, Six Channel DVD-Audio, HighMAT) : 129.95 $
-DVD-F86 Carroussel 5-disques, progressive scan, multi-format (DVD Video, two channel DVD-Audio, DVD-RAM, CD, CD-R/RW, JPEG, MP3, WMA, HighMAT), digital re-master : 119.95 $
-DVD-S47 Progressive scan, DVD-Audio, digital re-master, HighMAT : 99.95 $
-DVD-S27 Progressive scan, multi-format (DVD Video, DVD-RAM, CD, CD-R/RW, JPEG, MP3, WMA); HighMAT : 79.95 $

Pour finir sachez que Panasonic se fait de venir l’un des acteurs majeurs du monde de l’écran plat aussi bien que la marque présente une gamme complète de plasmas, on pouvait remarquer la prédominance des écrans LCD
Cinq nouveaux modèles sont présentés dont les PT-43LC14, PT-50LCX64 et PT-60LCX64. Ces deux derniers écrans sont les hauts de gamme de la marque. Ils combinent beauté et performances : dalle de dernière génération, fort contraste, rapidité de réponse accrue par rapport aux modèles actuels, compatibilité HDTV, entrées HDMI, tuner intégré, module câble et satellite en option)… Tous les modèles présentés seront disponibles courant mars…

Communiqués de presse

Lecteurs de DVD portables
LAS VEGAS, Nev. (January 7, 2004) — Since introducing the world’s first DVD portable player in 1998, Panasonic has been a leader in the DVD market place. This tradition of innovation continues in 2004 with a line of portable DVD players that gives consumers more ways than ever to enjoy a wide range of entertainment choices, from the latest movie releases on DVD to MP31 music files to digital photo collections.

Multi-format capability is found throughout the new line, with all models - DVD-LX9 (carried over from 2003 due to its popularity), DVD-LX8, DVD-LS50 - capable of playing back DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, DVD-RAM, DVD-R2, video and audio CDs, MP3, WMA, and CD-R/-RW3 discs. The three models also support HighMAT* (High-Performance Media Access Technology), a technology co-developed by Panasonic and Microsoft for arranging and using personal music, video and photo collections on recordable discs, such as DVD and CD recordable media.

The DVD-LX9 features a 9-inch (diagonal screen measurement) LCD 16:9 high-resolution VGA screen and component video output for connection to a television or display. To aid in the sharing of recorded information, the DVD-LX9 includes an SD Memory Card slot, allowing users to enjoy a wide variety of stored media, such as personal music mixes, still photo collections, and MPEG-4 video, wherever they go. The portable player includes built-in JPEG viewer software for viewing photos or slide presentations that have been stored on an SD Memory Card.

Model DVD-LX9 offers enhanced DVD movie-viewing enjoyment for travelers, with its unique docking station and external stereo speakers that quickly set up in a hotel room, boat or summer home. The docking station also doubles as a battery recharger. “The docking station and speakers were added to answer consumer demand,” said Alberto Reggiani, Panasonic’s national marketing manager for DVD products. “We also found that many consumers when traveling want the capability of having a companion share the entertainment provided by the DVD player, so we’ve listened to our end customer’s needs and added dual headphone jacks to select models. In addition, this year all of our DVD players support the DVD-Ram format.” The DVD-LX9 has a MSRP** of $999.95.

The DVD-LX8 features a 9-inch (diagonal screen measurement), LCD 16:9 high-resolution VGA screen and, like the DVD-LX9, employs the Mono Arm concept, with an adjustable arm that allows for increased options when choosing a viewing angle. The DVD-LX8 also features built-in stereo speakers, a playback time of 2.5 hours and multi-format playback. The DVD-LX8 has a MSRP of $699.95.

The DVD-LS50 (MSRP $399.95) features a 7-inch (diagonal screen measurement) LCD 16:9 screen, built-in stereo speakers, the Mono Arm design and dual headphone jacks. The battery life of the DVD-LS50 is 2.9 hours at the minimum LCD brightness. All Panasonic portable DVD players include high-speed, 5-step Smooth Motion Scan, a feature that provides crystal-clear forward and reverse scan, in 5 speeds. At the highest setting, the unit scans at an incredible 100 times normal speed. Panasonic portable DVD players optimize the viewing experience by adding two key features - Dialogue Enhancer and Cinema Mode. Dialogue Enhancer boosts the center channel volume - where most of the principal dialogue emanates when playing a Dolby Digital 5.1 disc - by 6dB. Cinema Mode improves the picture quality by reducing glare, softening resolution and improving visibility of details in dark scenes - resulting in a more realistic, cinema-like image.

Portables D-Snap
LAS VEGAS, Nev. (January 7, 2004) ¾ Panasonic—developer of the world’s smallest SD camcorder capable of capturing DVD-quality video, and the world’s thinnest four-in-one 2-megapixel SD digital camera—now adds two more exciting products to its D-Snap™ series of ultra-portable A/V devices. The new models SV-AV25 and SV-AV50 are ultra-compact multimedia tools ready to capture all the action at a moment’s notice, saving the day’s memories as audio, video and still photos.

As small as they are functional, the tiny units can drop into a pocket or purse to go virtually anywhere, and they are able to network with PCs and other SD-enabled devices. Because they use SD Memory Card recordable media, the units have no moving parts, except the zoom lens.

“The D-Snap multimedia products provide an easy way to snap digital images, shoot video, play your favorite digital music files, and capture voice notes, all with total spontaneity,” said Monica Helmer, Panasonic product manager. “They’re fun to use for recreation, and practical to use for business purposes, too. And, because they are so small and easy to use, consumers are less likely to leave them at home.”

With Panasonic’s D-Snap products, digital photos, moving images, MP3 music files and voice recordings can all be stored on an SD Memory Card. The postage-stamp sized SD Memory Card allows users to share content with a wide variety of SD-enabled products, including camcorders, laptop PCs, PDAs, printers, cell phones, DVD recorders and more. Content recorded on the D-Snap units and saved on the removable SD Memory Card can be quickly downloaded to a compatible PC via the units’ built-in USB ports. Once the files are saved to a PC, users can edit and e-mail their recorded audio and images.

Super thin and unobtrusive, the new SV-AV50 features a unique flip and twist 2-inch color LCD that rotates 180° for easy self-portrait shooting. Its unique design makes it comfortable to hold and operate in either the vertical or horizontal position. The unit’s A/V cradle with built-in battery charger allows users to connect the device to a TV for viewing video and still images, or to a VCR or TV for recording favorite programs for later viewing on the go. Features common to both units include: smooth-motion 30 fps MPEG4 recording; 2-megapixel digital still images for great standard size prints; 2.5X zoom lens; MP3/AAC music playback; voice recording for capturing meetings, school lectures, memos or reminders; multi-thumbnail picture display; built-in microphone and speakers, and removable SD Memory Card. Both models are equipped with USB driver software and a USB cable.

Lecteurs de DVD
LAS VEGAS, Nev. (January 7, 2004) ¾ Panasonic introduces its new line of multi-format DVD players ¾ three single play units and two changers, all of which support DVD-RAM playback. With an emphasis on a new slim design and strengthened picture and sound quality, all the new Panasonic DVD decks feature multiple format playback of DVD Video, DVD-R1 and DVD-RAM, CD-R and CD-RW2, as well as MP33 and HighMAT¾ a new technology co-developed by Panasonic and Microsoft for sharing digital media between PCs and consumer electronic products. Step-up models add DVD-Audio playback, while top-of-the-line single-disc player DVD-SA97 adds HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface). In addition, the two new changer models feature a higher disc-to-disc access speed than previous models.

Progressive scan, multiple format players start at $79.95 manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP*) for a single-disc deck (model DVD-S27) and $119.95 MSRP* for a 5-disc changer (model DVD-F86). Blending astounding performance with a new, elegant design, Panasonic’s 2004 DVD models are even slimmer and sleeker than last year’s line. And all are engineered with a host of advanced features to deliver an unsurpassed home theater experience.

“Whether it’s recreating the visual drama of the cinema, or playing WMA and MP3 music files, consumers can enjoy the extraordinary quality of a high-quality, multi-format player starting at less than $80.00 suggested retail price,” said Alberto Reggiani, Panasonic’s National Marketing Manager for DVD products. “The addition of HighMAT in all of our players addresses a key request of consumers who want a consistent, easy navigation experience across a broad range of consumer electronic devices including DVD players, CD players and car stereos.”

The new Panasonic DVD decks feature Advanced Progressive Scan, a video processor that doubles the scan lines of an interlaced signal (from 480i to 480p) by scanning all 525 lines in 1/60 of a second for each pass, resulting in an extended frequency response, reduction of background noise and enhancement of depth. The higher-density video signal brings a film-like quality to DVD images, extraordinarily close to the way they originally appeared in the cinema, with rich detail, incredible depth of field, and precise color reproduction. The high resolution picture is also free of motion artifacts. With the rising popularity of high definition televisions and their ability to accept and reproduce a progressively scanned DVD picture, Panasonic’s progressive scan players are positioned to take full advantage of this growing format.

For optimum viewing enjoyment, the 2004 DVD models feature a one-touch AV enhancer for optimum picture and sound quality. Every model also features Microsoft® Windows Media™ Audio (WMA) and JPEG playback. The two changers, models DVD-F86 and DVD-F87, feature an enhanced access speed from disc to disc ¾ from the conventional 14 seconds to an improved 10 seconds.

Panasonic’s top of the line single-disc player, the DVD-S97, adds an HDMI connection, providing high quality, uncompressed digital audio/video signal transmission. This avoids complicated and troublesome connection of components. Panasonic’s single-disc DVD player model DVD-S97 and the 5-disc-changer model DVD-F87 add DVD-Audio playback, bringing 6 channels of incredibly powerful and realistic surround sound to living rooms everywhere, while the single-disc player DVD-S47 and the DVD-F86 changer add two-channel DVD-Audio to the mix.

Other audio and video enhancement features found throughout the line include: Bass Plus: Delivers enhanced bass sound when an optional subwoofer is connected to the DVD player, resulting in clear, powerful bass tones. Cinema Mode: Diminishes glare and improves the visibility of details in dark scenes by automatically adjusting picture contrast.

Depth Enhancer: Reduces background noise in a video image. Dialogue Enhancer: Boosts the volume of the center channel, from which most of the principal dialogue emanates, when playing a movie featuring Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. Hi-Speed Smooth Motion Scan: Enables fast-forward/reverse at up to 200 times normal speed, offering a quick way to access desired scenes. Optical Digital Output for DTS® & Dolby Digital® Surround Sound.
All Panasonic DVD models are EnergyStarâ qualified, meaning they meet or exceed EnergyStar performance levels established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department  ofEnergy

Ecrans LCD
LAS VEGAS, Nev. (January 7, 2004) — For 2004, Panasonic introduces its most comprehensive line of LCD-based rear projection TVs. Five new models, in screen sizes ranging from 43-inches to 60-inches (diagonal screen measurement), combine the brilliant, high-resolution picture quality of liquid crystal display technology with the capability to convey multiple digital media formats. Slim, sleek, and remarkably lightweight for displays of their size, these fully integrated,16:9 widescreen televisions are ready to display big-screen entertainment from blockbuster movies to the most visually demanding computer games. New models PT-50LCX64 and PT-60LCX64 feature a built-in ATSC tuner to deliver the dazzling images and dynamic sound of DTV1 broadcasts. The units can receive and decode Enhanced Definition (EDTV) 480p and High Definition (HDTV) 1080i and 720p signals. With the use of an optonal CableCARD™, these models are also able to receive digital cable television systems services directly from the cable operator2 without requiring a separate cable box.

“With the convergence of television viewing and home computing, and the growing availability of HDTV broadcasts, digital cable and other digital media, Panasonic is committed to bringing consumers the best in digital display products to accommodate the expanding variety of digital entertainment,” said Ed Wolff, vice president of Panasonic’s Display Group. “Our new, integrated digital multimedia LCD projection sets are designed to address the needs of consumers today as well as tomorrow.”

For exceptional video and audio quality, the PT-50LCX64 and PT-60LCX64 also provide an HDMI (High Definition and Multimedia Interface) input, a new standard digital connection between a digital television and other A/V devices such as a set-top box, DVD player or A/V receiver. HDMI supports multi-channel digital audio transmissions and component video color spacing for true rendering of HD video. It also supports the HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) standard, allowing transmission of copy-protected digital content to the display. The video portion of HDMI is also backwards-compatible with DVI-HDCP devices using a special cable adapter.

Four of the five models feature SD Memory Card and PCMCIA card slots for viewing still picture images on the TV screen. (Model PT-43LC14 has an SD Memory Card slot only.) The Photo Viewer feature allows the consumer to capture still photos from a digital camera, recorded onto an SD Memory Card, that can than easily be viewed as a slide show or in photo-album format.

Not only do all the new sets provide the ideal home theater centerpiece, but with the exception of the PT-43LC14, all the models have PC display capability (VGA, SVGA, and XGA), and can also be used as large-screen computer monitors for other multimedia applications. Other features include:

2-Tuner Picture-in-Picture with Split-Screen Display - divides the screen in half down the middle, allowing users to view two programs at once. Each program is shown at full height, with one program on the left side and the other on the right. The sets can also display a TV signal and computer data simultaneously, so users can watch TV and surf the Internet at the same time.

Digital CinemaScan 3:2 Pulldown – a telecine conversion technology that converts film’s 24 frames per second to an NTSC-friendly 60 frames per second, resulting in exceptionally faithful movie reproduction and clear, smooth-flowing images that closely approach that of the film original.

Built-in surround-sound stereo speakers (30W) and Dolby Digital output (optical) for dynamic sound.
4 sets of A/V and 3 S-Video inputs
4 sets of Component Video inputs on the LC14 series
3 sets of Component Video inputs on the LCX64 series
All displays have optional matching stands to complete the designer look


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