CES 2004 : Krell

9 janvier 2004

HDMI à la mode

Krell qui avait annoncé l’arrivée imminente de son nouveau lecteur de DVD Universel Showcase, présentait au CES une version Upgradée de son nouveau bébé : Une mise à jour matériel pour avoir le HDMI pour ceux qui possèdent déjà le produit (750 $) et puis la version finale du Showcase intégrant la fameuse connexion qui fait tant parler d’elle (3500 $).
Ce lecteur de DVD qui est toutefois disponible à la vente depuis quelques mois ne souffre donc pas trop de cette évolution puisque son propiétaire aura le choix de pouvoir le faire évoluer...

En parallèle de cet évènement (les puristes le verront de cet œil…) la marque dévoilait une nouvelle série d’enceintes Home cinéma : La série Revolution. Composée d’une paire de principale d’une centrale de surround et d’un caisson de graves actifs. Ce pack High End à destination des puristes et autres passionnés de Haute Fidélité, verra le jour dans les semaines qui arrivent

Communiqués de presse

Lecteur de DVD Showcase
Las Vegas, NV – CES 2004 – LVCC South 1&2, Booth #16877 & 17837 – Krell Industries, Inc. announces an HDMI upgrade to their Showcase DVD player. The dealer installed upgrade adds to an already impressive list of features and will provide owners with a superior, all digital A/V connection and user selectable High Definition resolutions.

“I believe that HDMI represents the cutting edge of digital technology,” stated Krell CEO Dan D’Agostino. “It is important that each new Krell design take advantage of these new technologies while remaining faithful to our roots of superb performance and impeccable build quality.”

The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) output is an all-digital connection that supports High-Definition video and full bandwidth multi-channel audio on a single cable. Utilizing this output, Showcase DVD owners can select from three different resolutions; 480p, 720p and 1080i to match the native resolution of their display and improve upon DVD’s 480i output resolution. Video processing is powered by Faroudja’s DCDi™ technology that also corrects for vibration, the “stair-stepping” effect and other common video aberrations.

For those that opt not to immediately take advantage of the HDMI upgrade, the Showcase DVD features a balanced Krell Current Mode™ output stage for increased audio bandwidth that delivers incredible articulation throughout the frequency spectrum. The Showcase DVD also features a Krell Digital Video Filter that enhances the digital to analog conversion and provides brighter colors and deeper blacks.

The Showcase DVD convenience features include RS-232 port, 12V triggers and front and back panel IR emitters for installation flexibility and easy integration of the Showcase DVD into an automated environment. Other connections include; balanced and single-ended audio outputs, interlaced and progressive scan (480p) video outputs, and coaxial and optical digital audio outputs.

The Showcase DVD is just one component of Krell’s High-End Audio Theater (HEAT™). Together with the Showcase Processor and the Showcase amplifiers, Krell HEAT brings high performance audio and video to the next generation of home entertainment enthusiasts. The dealer installed HMDI upgrade is $750 and will be available late first quarter, 2004. MSRP of the Showcase DVD is $3500 and is shipping now.

Enceintes Série Revolution
PRESS RELEASE Contact: Joseph Hageman Caster Communications, Inc. 401/792.7080 KRELL INTRODUCES THE RESOLUTION SERIES LOUDSPEAKERS New speakers raise the bar for beauty and performance. Las Vegas, NV – CES 2004 – LVCC South 1&2, Booth #16877 & 17837– Krell Industries has again raised the bar in the category of high-end home theater and audio components with the introduction of the Resolution Series loudspeakers. Applying the same Lossless Acoustic Transducer (LAT) technology and design principles that are the foundation of the LAT Series loudspeakers, the Resolution Series marries state-of-the-art components with beautifully crafted cabinets to create a loudspeaker unlike any before it.

Understanding that cabinet construction is as vital to the performance of a loudspeaker as the drivers and crossover network, the Resolution Series cabinets are a robust 1-inch thick MDF (medium density fiberboard) while the baffles are an unprecedented 2-inch thick MDF ensuring the complete elimination of baffle resonance. Midrange drivers are isolated within their own enclosures and the speaker’s internal bracing is asymmetrically aligned to further increase the cabinet’s rigidity. The curvature of the cabinets not only adds to their aesthetics, but also helps eliminate internal standing waves that can be detrimental to sound quality.

Performance enhancements extend way beyond the cabinet to the drivers and crossover networks. The Resolution Series’ 1-inch tweeters feature an integral “waveguide” for enhanced dispersion characteristics and the mid-bass drivers utilize a unique mounting system that decouples the driver frame from the baffle thereby eliminating sonic colorations. Proprietary suspensions and extended voice coil structures assure linear performance, and the driver frames are made of a cast aluminum-magnesium alloy for high efficiency performance and immunity to overheating.

Krell’s extensive knowledge in building high performance electronics gave them the expertise to build a crossover network for the Resolution Series that acts like a natural extension to their amplifiers, effectively directing the power to the drivers unimpeded. All crossover components are mounted on 1/8-inch epoxy glass circuit boards and the multiple potted polypropylene capacitors are wired in parallel to minimize inductance and resistance causing less amplifier strain and making the speakers effortless to drive. The Resolution Series crossover networks are also engineered to provide an extremely smooth impedance curve with high efficiency, thereby, presenting a predictable, nearly ideal load to the power amplifier.

All of the Resolution speakers feature high quality, WBT binding posts for better connectivity and are available in a beautiful Cherry finish. When combined with Krell’s Class A, KAV or Showcase electronics, the Resolution Series loudspeakers complete a music and home theater system of stunning dynamics and clarity.

Model Introduction Breakdown:
Resolution 1 is the bi-wireable, 4-way floor standing flagship of the Resolution Series featuring a 1-inch dual-concentric-ring tweeter featuring “waveguide” (the same tweeter in all models), 4-inch midrange, 8-inch mid-woofer and two 10-inch aluminum cone woofers. Frequency response is conservatively rated at 25Hz – 20 kHz, and rated sensitivity is 90dB. Dimensions (in inches) (WxHxD): 13.2 x 56 x 17, 195-lbs. MSRP: 11,000/pair. Shipping now.

Resolution 2 is only slightly less statuesque than its big brother. The bi-wireable, 3-way floor standing speaker features a 1-inch tweeter, 6.5-inch midrange and two 8-inch woofers. Frequency response is conservatively rated at 28Hz – 20 kHz, and rated sensitivity is 89dB. Dimensions: 11.6 x 46 x 17, 140-lbs. MSRP: $8,000/pair. Shipping now.

Resolution 3 is a bi-wireable, two-way monitor speaker featuring a 1-inch tweeter and an 8-inch mid-bass driver. Frequency response is rated at 52Hz – 20kHz, and rated sensitivity is 88dB. Dimensions: 11.3 x 16 x 14, 45-lbs. MSRP: $4000/pair. Shipping now.

Resolution C was designed to be the all important center channel speaker in a Resolution Series multi-channel speaker system. Its 3-way design features a 1-inch tweeter, 4-inch midrange and two 8-inch woofers in a sealed cabinet. Frequency response is rated at 45Hz – 20kHz, and rated sensitivity is 89dB. Dimensions: 32 x 11.6 x 14, 90-lbs. MSRP: $3500/each. Shipping now.

Resolution Subwoofer - The powerhouse of the group, the Resolution Subwoofer is still in development, but tentative plans call for a 15-inch woofer powered by an internal, Krell-designed 700-watt amplifier. Availability is set for late first quarter 2004.


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