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13 décembre 2002

Coming soon...

Dans un soucis de développement international, toute l'équipe est fier de vous annoncer la création de CineNow USA!... Ce site spécifiquement dédié au marché US vous présentera à termes, toutes les informations Home Entertainment issues du marché américain.

Aussi pour plus d'informations je vous propose de lire le communiqué de presse qui suit:

Due to an overwhelming and enthusiastic increase in US viewers we're now taking steps to extend our coverage and will be launching CineNow! USA in January 2003. The US site is already up and running in preparation - any comments and feedback are highly welcome and will help us provide a better service for you. By the way, if you've book marked our site using the .../uk in the past may we suggest that you replace it by .../us.

OK, we hear you saying "...but the Internet has global reach - why set up a local operation?" That's true, but one of the hugely valuable things that we bring to you as a Home Cinema enthusiast is that critical link back from the "Global - who the hell are you" to the "Local - hey, did you know that Harries Home Cinema store, just two blocks from you, has a promotion this week on the Sony DRU500A" type of information.

Funnily enough the extended gloom of the world recession seems to be boosting this market - maybe we all simply want to stay at home and watch great quality films till the world moves on to more interesting things - it's a fact, the demand for Home Cinema is outstripping any other sector in the world!

We're looking forward to living this latest and exciting development with you, and in the meantime wish you all a truly joyous and festive season.

Mat Monges(CEO CineNow! USA)
(p.s. why not tell your local store to get in contact with us!)


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