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NEC Display Solutions Launches New 37-Inch Multi-Purpose LCD Display

25 octobre 2006 — Communiqué

CHICAGO – October 24, 2006 – NEC Display Solutions of America, the best-selling large-screen commercial LCD display supplier in the world, today unveiled the new MultiSync LCD3735WXM wide-screen monitor, a large-format display that delivers true display convergence performance to premium-conscious pro-sumers and style-centric digital-signage applications. While the display’s sleek design seamlessly adapts to décor-rich interiors, its functionality easily accommodates the multimedia demands of the convergence of Internet and broadcast entertainment.

The new LCD3735WXM monitor has an ATSC Hi-definition TV tuner, and VGA, DVI, and HDCP Video connectivity, in addition to S-video, component and composite video inputs for an extensive range of audio-visual peripherals. The display also boasts a 16:9 aspect ratio, a 9-millisecond response time (gray-to-gray), a contrast ratio of 1600:1, and native resolution of , 1366 × 768 for superior display-quality text and graphics performance.

The display has detachable speakers that can be mounted on the sides or bottom of the display, and the detachable base that allows for easy ceiling or wall mounting. These options allow for an aesthetically pleasing monitor for multiple display applications.

“The MultiSync LCD3735WXM is not your standard LCD TV. The panel technology and display-level specifications deliver text and graphics with greater clarity than standard consumer-grade televisions,” said Hans Baumann, Senior Product Manager for NEC Display Solutions. “The wide color space and accurate white point setting make this an ideal display for High Definition TV and video applications. This also allows for accurate color projection, which can be adjusted to the users’ preferences, creating richer images and better performance.”
Commercial specifications are important to digital signage markets such as flight information, retail and teleconferencing not only because of the environmental demands and extended usage prevalent in these solutions, but also because of the variety of content and applications run on them. By bringing true commercial-grade performance to this new category of multi-function information displays, NEC Display extends its 20+ years of MultiSync heritage and superior display performance.

Features include:

  1. Rapid ResponseTM technology (9-ms), which delivers virtually uninterrupted, undistorted viewing of high-speed, full-motion video
  1. Ambix® dual-input technology, which allows for digital/analog compatibility with upgraded video cards and software as well as connection to two systems
  1. Cable management, which helps prevent unattractive, space-consuming wire clutters
  1. Low power consumption, which reduces electrical costs and lowers total cost of ownership
  1. On Screen Manager (OSM®), which puts users in easy control of their screen setting adjustments
  1. Built-in power supply, which allows for easy mounting of the display
  1. No Touch Auto AdjustTM, which reduces setup time and provides optimal image settings upon initial power-on
  1. Wall/arm mounting capability, which adds flexibility and comfort, while freeing up valuable desktop space (using third-party product)
  1. Adheres to ISO 13406-2 Class II requirements for quality screen performance
  1. Energy Star® 4.0 compliance, which helps reduce power consumption and lowers expenses
  1. One-year limited parts and labor warranty
  1. 24/7 support from NEC Display Solutions

The new MultiSync LCD3735WXM display is RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) compliant, containing fully-disposable plastics and minimal amounts of hazardous materials such as lead, hex-chrome, cadmium, mercury, PBDE and PBB.

The MultiSync LCD3735WXM is available for early November delivery with an estimated street price of $2,299.99.

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